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I would like to thank everyone who has picked up one of my books. It is unbelievable that people actually read them. As a thank you, the two that are not on smashwords currently as free, can be downloaded free until August 8th using the following codes:

Secrets of Sanctuary Hospital – A Journey Through Hell      Code XU66Z

Dominated by Duplicitous Desires (Mature themes please only download if you are 18 or older)             Code YK27P


Happy Valentines Day – Help to a local business recoup losses from snow

As a Boston author watching the horrendous stories of local businesses losing out on the most romantic and relied upon day of the year, I want to help. Help me help them while enjoying a romantic thriller to cozy up with in the cold, snowy weather. I will donate up to $250 net proceeds from Valentine’s day sales of Dominated by Duplicitous Desire to a local business. (As an indie, self-published author I don’t know if I can expect more) Purchase the book and leave a name of a local business you want to see helped on my Facebook or twitter account  If sales are overwhelming, I will probably donate more. Stay safe in the snow and have a romantic night. L.A.A. Law

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I Just Couldn’t Help Myself

I couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t help myself. Being late to the Fifty Shades of Grey party, by the time I learned of these fabulous books, all three were out and I indulged staying up until the sun began to rise, and I had to care for my family and go to work. Reading them quickly and moving to Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series to fill the void that finishing E.L. James trilogy left in my evenings, I quickly learned that sleep was overrated and reading in the peace of the evening was so beneficial. While awaiting Ms. Day’s fourth installment, not yet having a kindle, nook, or tablet and being absolutely abominable with the internet, to the point where I could not download books to read on the computer without also ensuring that my laptop got a virus or some vicious malware that would keep the Geek Squad working for hours, I had to find a new avenue to quench my thirst for such stories. Being the middle of the night and without a bookstore, I shifted away from the final installment in a series that I was in the process of publishing and began writing a fan fiction, hoping to merge my two favorite dark and dangerous characters of Fifty Shades and Bared to You into a dark character with secrets that would soon embroil him in a mystery that would bring the woman who would change his life forever falling at his feet. Unable to figure out how to post the fan fiction, the story grew and grew and now it is available to you.

Enter the world of intrigue and erotic desires – Dominated by Duplicitous Desires – sample chapters out

Come enter into the world where one night of reckless abandon plunges Ann into a world of deception, intrigue, murder and revenge where nothing is as it seems and she is the red flag in a tug-o-war of powerful businessmen who will dominate her, protect her, or strip her bare. Dominated by Duplicitous Desires will be released this Valentine’s Day for its regular price in hopes of capturing all those who enjoy the romantic aura of the day and for those who are hungry to continue reading stories with a sensual flair or have come from the movie all lovers of erotica have been waiting for. Sample chapters are now available through my website: or through smashwords: for you to peruse and see if you would like to pre-order it at the reduced rate of $2.99 before it is released at its sale date price.

Short Synopsis:

While attending the charitable event which she spearheaded with her stepfather last year in hopes of grounding herself after his death, Ann is knocked off her feet by billionaire businessman, Stephan Greystone. His steel eyes flare with fiery desire as they lock with her gray inflaming her core and igniting an insatiable hunger for a man she can never have. As a stunning woman places her fingertips on Stephan’s forearm, his eyes cool causing waves of self-doubt and insecurity to crash over Ann, prompting her to flee.

Just once, she wishes she could be a confident, sexual siren like her best friend, Alice, who inflames passion in every man caught in her sights. As Alice slips into the seat next to Ann smelling of sex and her latest conquest’s cologne, she begs Ann to experiment and enter into games of erotic seduction planned for later in the evening involving some of the guests. With that one word and a nod of her head indicating that Stephan will be one such entrant, Ann is consumed by an inexplicable need to try and win Stephan, a man who would never take her in real life, and engage in one night of reckless passion and abandonment.

Never did she expect that her hopes of catching an impossible dream would lead her into the arms of a man who derives pleasure from inflicting pain and spurn her descent into a world of deception, intrigue, murder and revenge where nothing is as it seems and the only people surrounding her are those with an agenda to unlock information from her past that even she does not know she has or strip away all that she has known.

Final Installment of Secrets of Sanctuary Hospital is on smashwords

Final Installment of Secrets of Sanctuary Hospital – Andrew and Mia’s Encounter is on smashwords and can be accessed by going to or through our new website at Check it out. The book will not be available on Barnes & Noble or iTunes probably for a week or two, it has to go through the distribution sight.

Thank you again for choosing to read our book. Happy Reading

New Website for L.A.A. Law established

It took us some time but when you are so computer inept getting anything done takes forever. I so apologize and thank you for everyone who has been so good to the Sanctuary series and donated to charities because they enjoyed the books. I am so humbled. The final chapter in the Sanctuary series should be posted to smashwords within the next week and then it will only be a question as to when they get it out to Barnes and Noble, iTunes and such. They are so wonderful and it is so great to have a publishing medium that reaches so many. In February, we are hoping to launch a new series, although this is an adult series and is not recommended for audience members under the age of eighteen as it contains mature themes, explicit language and sexual content. If you would like, please visit our website at hhtp://
Happy reading and thank you again.
L.A.A. Law

I am a nameless, faceless, insignificant cog in a wheel hoping that my random act of kindness will make another’s life simpler and more significant.

I am a nameless, faceless, insignificant cog in a wheel hoping to help someone whose name I do not know, face I have not seen, whose suffering I have not endured, experience light from the touch of a stranger’s friendly efforts to offer a ray of hope that brings a little assistance to their struggling life. Our family has known love, but we have also experienced pain and the need to sacrifice, but nothing like those we hope this will help. Please help us with our effort. 

We have all seen the faces of children battling cancer, children starving at home or abroad, soldiers who have come home embattled for their bravery with scars that have secured our freedom, but for which we can never fully comprehend the depths of that cost. We have passed by and sometimes stopped to provide a hopeful word, some money, or a blanket to someone on the streets suffering economic hardship. All of those faces behind names we do not know are individuals who too may feel like cogs in wheels of a machine that need help to flourish and keep moving forward to something that works better than what we have now.

Not having the riches to feed the world or house the homeless, or the comprehension to discover a cure for diseases which ravage the body of those it inhabits and the souls of families who struggle each day alongside them, we are hoping to help in some small way, to make a difference by giving something to get something. In our time of need, we felt the rays of random acts of kindness by medical personnel or home care agents who aided us in our battles. We are hoping to pay the act forward with an act of our own. Yes we have given money, but our ability is not enough to meet the needs of the many, so we are hoping that ours with the little gifts of others can make a difference and touch the lives of people in need. To that end we have composed a series of books, hoping to offer a chuckle, a sigh, a moment of entertainment in exchange for the reader providing a donation to their local hospital that cares for children suffering from cancer, buying an extra can of food while at a grocery store and putting it in a bin designated for food pantries or homeless shelters, sending a donation to a charity assisting our returning soldiers who are injured, or helping us help a local school. The second installment of the book is available free in an electronic library, but is also offered for purchase so that the author can donate from the net proceeds to a local school in hopes that they will use it to provide the future generation with an education that they could not otherwise obtain. Happily we have made our first donation to a very grateful school and will be making another in May.

 Help us with this effort. Download the book and donate, pass it on to a friend, every bit counts, or if you are a voice that reaches beyond the few, out to the social network, a voice that when you speak, people listen, tweet this out, post it on your social network page. Take a moment out of your life to assist this cog, who is not knowledgeable in ways of the internet, get the word out and help pay it forward and make the life of someone else more fulfilling, someone whose voice may not be lost in the herds of the masses but may boom and be heard well into the future. If you are willing to help, the book series is Secrets of Sanctuary Hospital with the following subheadings: A Hidden Enclave For Angels, Demons, And Vampires; A Journey Through Hell; Nightmare of The Dark Shadows; Mia’s Dark Encounter, and Final Confrontation (these last two are proposed titles). Five books in all, three are already on the net with Smashwords , their affiliates-Itunes, Barnes & Noble and more, and the second book only so far is on Amazon. The other two are coming out as soon as my family and I are through editing them. It is a family affair and my children go to school and I work to earn a living and provide for them, but please, help us if you can bring light to those whose lives face more challenges or difficulties than our own or your own. Help us do a good thing for someone else. I hope this message finds you and yours healthy and fulfilled.

If you have a comment, please feel free to email at

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